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Ex Tenebris & Sacrament remastered

In June we will finally be re-issuing the 2nd and 3rd White Willow albums, which like Ignis Fatuus have been OOP for an eternity. Both Ex Tenebris and Sacrament have been beautifully remastered by the always brilliant Jens Petter Nilsen, and both releases will have stunning new artwork from our design team Trine&Kim, who also did the new Ignis Fatuus cover. As for contents, you'll get the original albums, and mind you, NO compression has been added in the remastering process - all we've done is some very careful and discreet eq-ing to bring out everything that was on the original, analog tapes. In addition, both albums will have some bonus material - live, demos, outtakes. As usual, Termo Records is releasing these. We'll be back with an exact date.

Jacob writing new White Willow material

Jacob says he's currently writing material for a new White Willow album! He says that "...it's still early days, so I can't say much about how things will sound. But there will be a lot of input from Mattias (Olsson) this time around, which can only be a good thing! As for the line-up, it looks like it will be identical to the one on Terminal Twilight, which is an amazing first in White Willow's history - the same line-up for two albums in a row! Why change a good thing? I'm sure there will be special guests too, but I haven't even started thinking about that. We're going for a 2015 release."