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Ignis Fatuus Reissue

Ignis Fatuus is here! Check out it's listing on our discography page. You can purchase this album at all or your great progressive rock dealers like our good friend Ken Golden at The Laser's Edge (who originally released this album for us back in 1995), Amazon.com or from Termo Records directly.

Ignis Fatuus re-issue and other news

We're happy to announce that the remastered, expanded edition of White Willow's debut album, "Ignis Fatuus", is now being manufactured and will be released by Termo Records on the 5th of July. This edition, the first available CD of "Ignis Fatuus" in many, many years, features a second disc with bonus material - live, demos and outtakes. The new artwork will be familiar to those who bought the vinyl version a while back. The original tracks from the album have been lovingly and discretely remastered by Jens Petter Nilsen, using analog equipment only.

It will be available from all good vendors, and it will of course also soon be up for pre-sales at our SHOP.

Our plan is to have one or two more reissues ready before this year is up, and then continue with the rest in 2014. Our goal is to be able to expand each release with hitherto unheard tracks.

In other news, me and Mattias Olsson have just started writing material for a brand new White Willow album. We'll keep you posted as we go along.


White Willow Update 12/29/12

Jacob had a few minutes to provide a bit of an update:

Updates become a bit of a rarity in those times when we are all busy with other projects. I've spent the past year working on many things, most importantly the second album with my "other" project, The Opium Cartel. It will be released sometime in the first half of 2013 if all goes as planned, and it will feature lots of White Willow musicians. Like the first Opium Cartel album it will focus more on shorter-format songs, but still with proggy elements. This time around I'm paying homage to some of the influences of my teen years - Japan, Kate Bush, Thomas Dolby… I'll keep you updated.

Lars and I are also constantly keeping busy with our label - Termo Records. Be sure to check out our latest find, a band called Tusmørke. Their debut album might appeal to fans of very early White Willow, and features lots of keyboards from Lars.

Talking of Lars, I know that he is also working on material for a new Wobbler album.

Mattias has had an eventful year as well, first releasing Änglagård's wildly anticipated comeback album Viljans Öga, and then experiencing a split with the band. Sad news for both & Änglagård and Mattias, but on the other hand it means more time to prog out with White Willow!

And finally Ellen has been hugely successful with her band Pixel's debut album, collecting prizes and garnering rave reviews everywhere. Do check out their album, which was released on Cuneiform.

Back to White Willow: We are prepping re-issues, as promised, to be released throughout 2013.

And best of all: We will start work on a new White Willow album shortly!

White Willow Update 05/20/12

Been a while since the last update - we've kept busy. First of all, thanks to all our fans who made "Terminal Twilight" such a success! It's sold much better than we had even dared to hope, and the critical reception has been overwhelming. The album ended up on a lot of "Best of 2011" lists, and we even won a Proggie Award for Best Production of 2011. It's been a great experience for us - coming back after such a long time and being so warmly received by you.

The next project for us now is re-issuing the back catalogue of the band. The older albums have been OOP for a long time, but now Termo Records is re-mastering and re-issuing the lot. We start with a 2CD edition of "Ignis Fatuus" with lots of bonus material, and continue with "Ex Tenebris" and so on. All the albums will have extra goodies in the form of unreleased studio or live material. Watch this space for release dates and more info.

Some WW related news: Ellen Andrea Wang, our bass player, has just released the debut album of her own band, Pixel, on Cuneiform Records. It's an amazing mixture of acoustic jazz, indie and prog. Check it out here.

Our drummer, Mattias Olsson, plays with his original band Änglagård on their upcoming, 3rd album - quite a comeback! More info here.